Supermarket Exceptional Circumstances

Retail Vox can handle all of your announcement needs

With existing microphone operated systems the immediacy is often lost and time is wasted by the time you get to the mic. With our easy to use, mobile message assistant you pick your moment, type your message in to your mobile device and announce it in an instant. ‘Lost Child looking for mum’ ordeals can be over within moments instead of minutes.

With Retail Vox in place don’t let your Emergency and Disaster Recovery planning be limited and reliant on the abilities of staff, which may already be panicked and best utilized elsewhere. Be proactive with Retail Vox primed and ready for any eventuality, driving sales as other systems may be failing.

It is important to plan ahead and be prepared for any emergency situation that could affect your food service establishment. You should consider the type of hazard(s) for which your establishment is most vulnerable and take precautions to minimize the impact of such occurrences

What is your strategy for loss prevention?

Extreme Whether can cause catastrophic economic failures!

In the Event of a Flood ‘Gloucestershire 2007’ people would flock to the supermarket and stock up on water and other supplies. Retail Vox can be invaluable when instructing customers calmly but firmly if products are limited per person.

Power outages are the most frequent type of man-made disasters. Statistics indicate that the average power outage lasts four hours. Develop a plan for minimizing loss of food product held under refrigeration.

SUPERMARKETS in Cirencester ‘2013 Heat wave’ struggled with the heat at the weekend as freezer meltdowns led to food being thrown out. Both Tesco Kingsmeadow and Waitrose saw their freezers and refrigerators go down due to the sweltering heat. The Cirencester stores saw the temperatures rise over the weekend, Staff removed all the stock as soon as they noticed a freezer temperatures rise, resulting in a large amount of food being destroyed. Before paying for a ‘food condemnation certificate’ announce to customers quickly that stock is being reduced and where they can pick up bargain deals.

In these instances Retail Vox could inform customers in intervals of situations and sales. Working for you to make sales not loses.

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