PPP - Product Placement Pays

Retail Vox is the most futuristic ‘off the shelf’ tool to maximise uniform branding across Stores/Centres. With the ability to cut staff costs and eliminate user error, Retail Vox is the ultimate in store communication package.

Build brand loyalty. Not only can you use ‘Audio’ Marketing to build your brand, you can use it to demonstrate your personality, interact with customers and show them that you care, which, in turn, breeds loyalty. Marketing can also boost your reputation and build relationships.

Benefits of Audio Marketing:

  • Clear, and consistent every time, you can even choose the tone of voice, eliminates coughs, splutters and never has a day off*
  • Retail Vox is cost-efficient in comparison with other marketing methods
  • Uniform branding:- Have your chosen Celebrities voice making announcements
  • You can learn more about your target audience, by studying sales/marketing analytics. This information can prove invaluable when planning other marketing campaigns
  • Reach customers that traditional marketing misses. So your potential for reeling in new leads is unlimited.
  • Multi-lingual:- Over 20 languages ‘off the shelf’, accents and voices to connect with our ever growing cultural society. With the added ability to integrate any language required.

Stores are already increasing product ranges to cater for our multicultural society. Pakistani, Indian and Polish are just a few of the diverse communities that make up your customer base. We now give you the opportunity to talk directly to them in a language they’re at home with using our multi-lingual translation tool. Type your message then select the language you require for automatic translation.

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