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Retail Vox helps you provide customers with the information they need

Retail Vox allows Centre Management to Create, manage, and make announcements across the overall centre or Individual stores from a central terminal or mobile device. With the ability to implement important announcements immediately or at scheduled times i.e. Lost Child, Store opening hours, test fire alarm messages etc. from anywhere with the centre.

Independent retailers ‘if required’ also have the ability to instigate announcements within their own stores. Improving the customer shopping experience.

Centres can opt for as many tablets as they deem necessary (Centre Manager, Regional manager, Department heads, etc. each with a different access level if required).

With added report functionality Centre Management are able to see exactly which user made announcements, when the announcement was played and the content of the message. With this ability management can be sure expectations are being met and that the correct terminology (no profanities) are being announced to customers.

For loyal stores within the centre why not push announcements to advertise ‘sales’ or other promotions boosting store label and in turn centre profits. Customer service and repeat custom is the spine of any centre so why not make the shopping experience unforgettable with the best system of its kind.

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