Retail Vox Product Specification

Retail Vox is the next generation Ultimate Social Media

Nearly all stores have a PA system and if utilised effectively can be the best sales tools around. Usually a confident person has to make announcements over the Tannoy not anymore……

Retail Vox is an intelligent voice that from a simple text-to-speech conversion allows clear and consistent messages to reach a single or chain of stores.

From simple plug and play you can inform customers and staff alike of query calls to special offer announcements at the click of a button.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Imagine Head Office making their own announcements, from being able to let consumers know of any special deals from store own brands or feed in National campaigns, adverts or marketing other products. Calls can be made from any connected (and enabled) input device on the network or wireless network.
  • With a very user friendly graphical interface this touch screen system can be branded and modified to suit the needs of the store. With the added ability of having a celebrities voice delivering messages can utilize branding throughout
  • A comprehensive Library Message system that can be date or time specific to inform customers of Opening / Closing times, Staff calls, customer calls and alike. Libraries can be updated by management to any needs that may suit. Messages are able to automatically replay in intervals if required
  • Local control for Department managers. Having the ability to inform customers quickly and profitably if items need to be sold off as a freezer may have stopped or an item over stocked. Pushing sales with the click of a button.
  • Queuing messages in priority with Emergency calls taking president. Head office messages are able to be played ahead of the queue with free text and library messages being played last. Messages queue in order of being sent to the Retail Vox system
  • Marketing departments or other allocated users have the ability to download CSV files of a full audit history, with this information against sales occurred can deliver a clear view of marketing against sales results.
  • Multiple languages can either be pre-translated or dynamically translated. With the ability of being able to translate over 20 languages you can reach the public that may have once passed you by. Just imagine the delight of your customers hearing their native language informing them of the deals available.
    “In House Bread just out of oven in aisle 1”
    “W Domu Chleba tylko z pieca w korytarzu 1” (translated - e.g. Polish)

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